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I once tried to have a chili-off with Sid Shanti, asserting that I knew more about chili — the bitter green Indian variety that my mother taught me how to cook with — than he did.

Sid listened kindly to the ramblings of a gin-infused woman and remained patient and humble. My friend, who knew the depths of Sid’s passion for gastronomy, squirmed uncomfortably and succeeded to drag me away.

Years on, and I now appreciate just how much the magical alchemy of music and food has fuelled Sid Shanti’s life choices. Originally trained as a master chef of classical French cuisine, his other love, that of music, bought him to the shores of Ibiza, via an invite to play at the world’s largest club night, Manumission at Privilege. Seduced by the island, he moved permanently and his love of cooking was also reignited.

Now an acclaimed private chef, with accolades from clients such as Jade Jagger, Steven Gerrard, Thandie Newton and P Diddy, Shanti also runs Shantico, an events company with the ethos of “Creativity not Conformity”. Championing agricultural sustainability on the island before it was a buzzword, Shanti has been advocating local and organically grown produce for years. His melt-in-the-mouth range of chocolates inspired by island flavours such as Hierbas truffles are joined by a range of home-grown and produced, you guessed it — chili sauces.

More than a private chef, author and DJ, Sid Shanti is a lover of life, passionate about everything he does and when he does something, he does it with every drop of his enigmatic life force. Here, he shares a few island secrets with us all.


My “in love with Ibiza moment”…. Being picked up by a dwarf in an old USA army pick up truck and taken to Salinas beach for lunch with Mike and Claire Manumission before checking into the Motel and then playing at Privilege and Space that night.

A normal Island adventure for me looks like…. Ending up in situations and with people that you´ve never met and you´d never dream of ending up with or sharing such great moments with.

My favourite moment of the day/ season is….. Siesta daily is always welcome when possible and October is fantastic.

Something about the island you cant read in the guide books but
need to know…. Ask a local all you need to know!

I love to eat…. Grilled Ibiza Squid, triple fried Ibiza red potatoes and Fresh sweet onion and Raff tomato salad

I love to drink…. Fresh juice, Gin and Tonics and cold beer on a hot day

I love to swim…. Playa Es Codolar or Salinas

I love to dance/play…. With friends at small gatherings

My favourite island hang out is…. Sa Trinxa

My Island playlist sounds like………. Jon Sa Trinxa / Andy Wilson / DJ Danyel / Graham Sahara / Samir

My favourite Island memories are….. My first few years on the island when the living was easy and the freedom was paramount

Don’t leave the island without…. Ibiza Chili Co hot sauces. You won´t find better!

I’m whispering this island secret to you…. Trust and follow your intuition, it often leads to marvellous places and incredible situations.

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