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Generation Z restoring the faith through the lens - Rosa Scipion Jimmink

In a male dominated profession, Rosa Scipion’s photography stands tall and strong against the traditional interpretation of the female body as seen through the male gaze. The models in the picture are all part of Rosa’s utterly divine crew of young friends that live on the island captured against the dramatic backdrop of sand stone cliffs, sea, campo, the odd trespassed villas as well as more urban grittier buildings. For Rosa and her friends who literally grew up with the Internet and digital technology as a second language, the traditional confines of art and expression do not exist, curating your own social media reality however does. Gender roles are more fluid and equality and inclusivity reign.

With such freedom it is not surprising that the photography feels honest, raw and vulnerable and with that comes strength.

There are nudes, semi nudes and fully clothed shots; each one evokes a narrative of youth, mischief, adventure, fun, intelligence and friendship. The models appear totally comfortable in their skin as if the poses they are in are their idea and ultimately their story. It surely helps when the photographer is your friend and a fellow woman.

Largely self-taught, Rosa first handled a camera at 16 and is now rarely without one.

The Island Villas caught up with Rosa and couldn’t’t help but be rejuvenated and inspired by her effervescent sprit and total gratitude for her family, friends and life. Whilst we might not be running to the rocks with our mates for photo shoots, we will take inspiration and aim for less self judgment and honour our friendships with a few more group shots.


Why did you become a photographer or when did you discover that you had a passion/ talent for it?

I have done some basic courses here and there, but I am mostly self-taught photographer

I think when I was about 16 years I was using a friend’s camera and I realised I loved taking photos! So I asked to get one for my birthday and since then well, I am pretty much always with a camera in my hand!

And why not try to get paid to do what you love?

Who is your inspiration?

Sam Livm, Asher Moss, Cameron Hammond amongst many others. I look all the time at photos and keep getting inspired constantly!

What was you inspiration behind the nude shoot?

Nothing special, I love the female body and I think it looks beautiful in its pure form combined with nature.

What are your goals and aspiration?

Keep on living as I am doing now, travel as much as possible, learn from everything and everyone around me and keep on working on what I love to do.

My Island adventure starts when I…. wake up early and the sun is shining

My “in love with Ibiza moment” was…. every moment I am grateful to have been raised on this island.

I love to eat and sip on…. fresh orange juice of my trees and anything with avocado. Also lots of chocolate.. hehe

North/East/South/West the part of the Island I love the best…. North

My Island playlist sounds like…. either electronic or acoustic music

My Island hang out is/are…. my mom’s chill-out at home is the best! Or anywhere in nature

My Island essentials are…. a film camera.

I always return to…. eat Paella on the beach.

My favourite Island memories are of….. day adventures and nights out with my friends, who I call my family.

Why Ibiza…. because it’s home.

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