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Landscapes of Ibiza - “Shapes In The Light”

“I enjoy the accidents after the first over painting where, I will often smash up the details and destroy the image to see what is revealed.

Sometimes I shun the work for weeks or months dissatisfied with the results and come back to it, and some how know exactly what to do.


“My favourite time is the moments after sunset that hold a soothing indigo blur in the trees casting shape amongst the foliage of the dark pines.”

The light in Ibiza is indescribable, only by bearing witness can you feel it, yet Robin William Easterbys’ landscapes are animated by mystical touches of it.

Here he shares, casually with The Island Villas just how he is able to transmit this into his art, ahead of his Atzaro exhibition.

Easterby is calm. I also pretend to be but feel as if I’m in a Spiritual sermon with some sort of Pirate Punk Painter, listening to every word as the lines between art and life become blurred much like the brush strokes on his work. Greatly influenced by Impressionism and in homage to his contemporaries before him, who radically broke conventions in the 18th Century by not painting precise Biblical or Mythological scenes, Easterby also likes to “fuck it up” a bit. In the same spirit as Gerhard Richter and Anselm Kiefer, Easterby adds soil, seeds, sand and salt to the mix creating illuminated yet intangible images of the Ibizan landscape. Nothing needs to be too perfect.

As a child, Easterbys’ playground was the Yorkshire Dales, England, an almost make believe fantasy land of great beauty simultaneously surreal and rooted. Darkly romantic bracken and heath, fields of daffodils and a dramatic Jurassic coastline that all became “…baked in my subconscious”. Jump to present day and Easterby tells us he might take “hundreds of photos and sketches” of the Ibizan landscape yet he refers back to none.

It’s as if the act of clicking the camera imbues the artistic process into his soul. And so it was that a humble dog walk with friends through the deep ancient Ibizan campo one day began his obsession with the island. Looking back through a clearing, Easterby had one of those aha moments that if you don’t breath into will disappear.

“Look at that.” I said to my wife and friends. “I saw something more than just trees and earth. I saw a giant landscape with my version of Mediterranean blues, textured rocks and rusty coloured soil.”

Just as he did exploring the Yorkshire Dales as a young boy, the varied landscapes of Ibiza, path ways, tracks and cliffs have equally inspired him. Easterby looks beyond the sunshine and callas of the Island; deeper into the fringes catching moments of light and visions of shapes, sharing them with us through his work, bringing us all a little closer to seeing something that we too can feel.



Shapes in the Light – Rw Easterby 

Show opening from 8pm-10.30pm on Tuesday 9th July at Agroturismo ATZARO Ibiza and runs until the 15th July.

Shapes in the Landscape – Rw Easterby 
Show opening from 8pm on August 4th at Aubergine and runs until the 31st August.


Photo credit: Christian Banfield

robin easterby exhibition atzaro
robin easterby exhibition atzaro
robin easterby exhibition atzaro
robin easterby exhibition atzaro
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