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San Juan with views of Benirras Bay



Ever wondered what the sound of silence felt like? Here far up North on our tiny Island high above the mystical bay of Benirass, resides Ca Na Rosa. A reformed four-bedroom finca, Ca Na Rosa will seduce you and yours to remove first your shoes and then the noisy chatter buzzing around in your head allowing you to contemplate the important yummy stuff that makes up life.

The dazzling sugar cube exterior has flashes of Santorini blues whilst the interiors are touched by an ethereal lightness in the colour palette that beautifies the already divine wooden beams, chalky white walls and terracotta floors typical of more vernacular structures from ancient times, transporting you energetically to the romantic echoes of the islands past.

A vast 40,000 m2 of centennial olive trees and hillside are yours to luxuriate in. Disconnect from all devices, pause and re-connect with each other as you and your tribe take long hikes reminiscent of the ones you took as children escaping boring grown ups; always expertly equipped with a survival supply of lip smackingly sickly sweet Robinsons squash and essential jammy dodgers to pacify any monsters that dare cross your path. Arrive back home elated with tales never heard before, greenery never seen and the smell of pines and amor in your every inhale.

The barely there beating of drums can be heard from the hippies that gather every Sunday on Benirras beach, using music as their voices and raising vibrations in each and every soul.

As the sun dips low into tangerine swirls across the heavens, you glance around at your newly feral children; their eyes lit from within are the only things brighter than the stars in the night sky. These are the heart expanding moments you will go back to again and again and again. This is Love.


Golden beams hold up the finca ceiling and everywhere natural materials add warmth and an extra dimension. Terracotta tiles that echo the red burnished soil of Ibiza lay peacefully beneath your feet, cooling your soles from the days heat and capturing sand from the beach. Two seating areas allow for the whispering of top-secret adventures to be hatched in the evenings. A traditional kitchen with yolk yellow tiles reminds you of how much joy there is in preparing a feast from locally sourced organic ingredients from the village store and Sunday San Joan artisan market.
Here living is easy and you will want to take home who you become here.

The beauty of Ca Na Rosa is the feeling of privacy when you need it, especially with the thick walls that divide the rooms. There are three en suite bedrooms in the main house. The fourth bedroom, which is ideal for those young rebels, is in a self-contained apartment, complete with its own kitchenette.
All of the rooms are elegantly decorated in natural materials, such as stone and wood. Soft white linens and cottons swathe you at bedtime, cocooning you even further into delicious dreams.


Ca Na Rosa has space and a lot of it, 40, 000 m2 to be precise. There is a sense of seclusion, adventure and beauty on this land. Elevated views unfurl a panoramic country and ocean vista for you to delight in. Create your own forest school with your tribe on the walks around the land, joyfully returning sticky with sweat and new discoveries to jump into the salt-water pool with.
Dining out means dining al fresco here and with an outside kitchen and BBQ area, getting everyone together is an ease and joy!




Minimum stay 31 days