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ASK AN ISLANDER – Claire Wilkinson

"The beauty of this crazy Island is that you might start your morning doing some mundane chores, but by the end of the day you are exactly where you didn’t expect to be!"

Hardworking, determined and never without a sense of mischief, the exuberant Claire Wilkinson, designer and founder of high-end beachwear label Aquamarine Ibiza, shares her island life and loves with us.

My “in love with Ibiza moment” was…. Moving into what used to be part of the Old Palace at the very top of Dalt Vila with my partner in crime!

A normal Island adventure for me looks like…. Nipping to the shops for some milk and a baguette and coming home two days later.

My favourite moment of the day/season is….. Spring…..when all the island is a vibrant fresh green and the fields are spilling over with flowers.

Something about the island you cant read in the guide books but need to know  is…. Taking the slightly terrifying trek to Puertas del Cielo, a fab traditional restaurant that serves spit roasted chicken. It sits on a cliff edge in Santa Agnes de Corona.  You wouldn’t expect to find it there but the views are incredible, especially when the almond blossoms.

I love to eat…. anything that is cooked for me! (cooking is not my strong point!!!) For the real deal Thai food, I love Ca Na Hathai in San Miguel.

I love to drink…. one of Nikkis mean mojitos with fresh mint from her garden!

I love to swim…. One of my favorite places is Playa de Illetas in Formentera.

I love to dance/play…. With my naughty girlfriends (you know who you are!)  either at a private party or one of the Melon Bomb nights.

My favourite island hang out is….  Lisa and Andres house – friends

My Island playlist sounds like………. I am yet to make a playlist!

My favourite Island memories are….. The madness of Manumisson Motel, lunches in Tiberon and the first time I found Punta Grossa by boat!

Don’t leave the island without…. A lunch at La Paloma, a boat trip to Formentera,  and a sunset at Cala Comte.

I’m whispering this island secret to you…. Come in October for the old, relaxed Ibiza vibe.

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