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There is magic in the air that only you can feel if you surrender your heart

In the first break of morning sunshine, it warms your skin painting it with lip-smacking tangy salty seawater, like a magical elixir even before you’ve touched the ocean. During the day it spins you round like a carefree teenager experiencing life with a newfound giggly energy. At night, smudgy charcoal blues flash seductively through the infinite sky holding your body close, whispering electric tales of love and desire, igniting your very being.

Ibiza can only be experienced by those who dare. It is an Island that for centuries endured marauding invasions and yet its wildly romantic soul remains unconquerable. If you see yourself on this Island, you are the rebellious kind that feels the depths of a love affair that can never end.

And so why would you not choose to declare your love for another just as you did for yourself on this magnetic rock?

Choose to marry how you want, be it a spiritual ceremony or a religious union, in a secluded spot by the sea or in a villa high up in the mountains enveloped by verdant nature. How you say I do remains up to you.

Our small island is home to some beautiful folk, eager to share the secrets of Ibiza with those that love it as much as them. Here are three of our favourite wedding planners, all alchemists in the art of mixing together the elements needed to create the wedding of your dreams.

         Photos © Kuenzli photography & Jeremy Christopher photography


  Photos © Kuenzli photography & Jeremy Christopher photography


Together we touch the sky. This could easily be the sentiment that expresses the essence of the Ruth Alexander Weddings. Founded by the vivacious and wonderfully warm Ruth Weldon, nothing is beyond her reach.  Taking you on a journey through your imagination and beyond, the creative styling and sleek production executed by her international team is phenomenal. Passionate in the quest to deliver you a bespoke wedding that truly reflects your desires in the most creative venues around the island, Ruth Alexander are the wedding planners for those crazy in love with love and life.


Gemma Bowman and Kerry-Anne Winton do not do normal. Exquisitely elegant yet wildly imaginative, the Superheroine founders of Ibiza wedding are not only our secret (not so secret now) office girl crush but creators of the some of the most beautiful original weddings the island has seen.  High profile clients choosing to plan their nuptials on the island can feel confident, as they are also experts in the art of discretion. Creating a magical wedding that truly reflects you, these longtime residents have a Rolodex of contacts that will get you everything your heart desires and more.


The first thing the Cardamom team do is get to know you like really get to know you. Your personality is everything to them so they can create a wedding day full of unforgettable memories with a sprinkling of pure Ibiza fantasy. Set up over 17 years ago by the delightfully gorgeous Navine and dapper Craig, Cardamom now has an international team whose local knowledge of Ibiza and Formentera reflects their deep love of the island. Cardamom are the perfect on island guides for those seeking the extraordinary.

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