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Enter the cinematic soul infused Willy Wonka world of Said Durra and exit with your senses elevated by a cultural expansion of the most uplifting and sweetest sounds. 

With an all around the world approach to his music, the crowd get to bathe in  sprinkles of  heavenly Hip Hop, Jazz, Samba, Iranian and Togolese Funk, Lebanese folk, roots reggae, Nigerian and Ghanian highlife, Trinidadian boogie and my favourite for sentimental reasons, Punjabi Pop. 

London raised Said came to Ibiza from Qatar  in pursuit of love – the kind of love for a life of freedom that comes from daring greatly and jumping into the unknown. In Said’s instance he changed his career from a successful TV Producer to a now successful Island DJ and most recently record producer. The Grandmaster Flash of everything from the obscure to pop goes pop, Said recently had the space and time to create his first production, a remix for Maaula Records, a musical manoeuvre we all hope to hear more of on the dancefloor and truly the silver lining of lockdown for him.

Here Said shares with us some of his Island loves and best kept secrets including the best VIP  Island rave.


  1. My “in love with Ibiza moment” 

I’m permanently in love with the Island! I think it’s important to feel grateful and not take anything for granted. I love what I do. Yuri at Soulgood wants me to play what I like and it seems to work! When you are given complete freedom and support it’s the best feeling in the world. 


2. My life this past year has felt and looked like .


This past year I’ve felt “wavy”. There have been some difficult and sad moments especially involving my close family and then literally in the same week there have been some incredibly positive moments. That’s life though – there is pain and there is happiness. 

At this moment we both try to hum/sing Frankie Beverly & Maze, Joy and Pain – safe to say Said has a pleasant voice and tone whilst I can not sing and should never try ever again. Ever. 


3. Some of the things that have changed for me are. 

I love being out and socialising and so being in a strict lockdown has allowed me to reassess how I spend my time. As the restrictions lifted I am a little more selective with how I spend my time now. More conscious. Not being able to play to a dancing crowd was initially strange but im accepting of how it has to be and again so thankful for everything I have. I’m lucky I live in a beautiful home and our terrace became the lockdown disco hotspot for us. I definitely had a lot of fun at home


4. When restrictions are lifted the first thing I dream of doing is. 

Hugging my friends and dancing all night! What I miss most is the adventure of a night out. Starting the evening and not knowing where it will take you! 


5. For those not yet able to visit Ibiza one thing I would like to say to you is.

Ibiza is much more than the parties. Make time for nature on the Island like the unspoilt hilltops  in San Juan for example. Looking out onto the Island is incredible. 

6. A “normal”  Island adventure for me now looks like


A long walk exploring the Island with my dog, Dalia.  Finding new places feels like an adventure and sunsets are always spectacular anywhere on the Island. 


7. My favourite moment of the day/season

I don’t really have a particular season but I do like the pace at the end of the season from September onwards. Summer is a lot about excitable frenzied folk asking “Can you help me urgently? I wanna have a party” vibe! ( Said says this in a crazy voice – Said does lots of voices! ) where autumn winter is more relaxed. I love going out on walks and looking for kindling and the right wood to make a good fire! 

8. Something about the island you can’t read in the guidebooks but need to know

Again it’s nature on the island. Make time for it, it’s magical. 

9. I love to eat

A chimichurri chicken burger with manchego cheese and sweet potato fries accompanied by a pint of  complot IPA outside Project Social people watching!

10. I love to drink

A canya at my local Can Curreu in Santa Eularia, they do amazing fries and have a lovely beer garden.


11. I love to swim 

I only discovered it recently but Cala Nova and Cala Llenya for the clear sea oh and Portixol – well worth the trek.


12. I love to dance/play

It used to be Pikes, Malanga, Las Dalias and of course my favourite Soulgood but during lockdown it was behind the decks outside in my house! Even my dog Dalia has a favourite boogie spot on the porch that she loves.


13. My favourite island hang out is

Soulgood !


14. My Island playlist sounds like

Check out Said playlist here – let the music play. Island Vibes from Sadeedo



15. My favourite Island memories are

So many but recently nature walks with my dog listening to new music. When I discover a new amazing track, it’s that excitement, the ‘yes I’ve found a new biiiig tune!’ moment, and I get all excited and have a boogie, so a VIP secluded rave, just my dog and I!


16. Don’t leave the island without

Visiting Soulgood for the Island vibes, finding a little nook at Pou Des Lleo and people watching on the corner outside Project Social. 


17. I’m whispering this island secret to you….

Get out in nature, Ibiza is so much more than just the parties!


Here’s a live set from Le Mellotron in Paris if you want to check Said out.

Live set from Le Mellotron


Instagram @sadeedomusic   


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