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ASK AN ISLANDER – Sofia Gomez Fonzo

We wanted to ask the normal questions but as this past year has been far from normal, we wanted to get real and ask about the challenges of living on an Island during a pandemic. Always seeking out the light, we also asked if our Islanders had any useful tips or thoughts that might inspire us to live and feel better during these testing times.


Under Sofia’s spell. 

We first entered Island photographer Sofia’s world through her spellbinding videos of smoke cleansing as the creator of Island Witch Crafts and then as always on this fun and mystical Island started to learn of her many creative loves such as reiki and crystal healing, yoga and dancing to music into the sunset hours and beyond. Seeking joyful simple moments in the ordinary everyday, Sofia has a gentle yet mischievous knowing that everything has a beautiful rhythm to it if you surrender to the belief that the Universe has your back. 


A resident Islander for over a decade, here she gracefully shares with us her Island desires, tips and secrets. 


My “in love with Ibiza moment” My life this past year has felt and looked like.

Connecting to nature, observing the little things, noticing the changes in colours, light and places that has made me move slowly and through the seasons too.

Some of the things that have changed for me are. 

There has been a lot of changes for me since March 2020, I used to live on and off the island and travel a lot, I used to photograph many weddings and tourists coming to the island and now it has also slowed down. I used to work a lot and party a lot too and that has also disappeared… I’ve been adapting to new ways of living that has meant to re-evaluate how I used to do things before… I still miss them but have been practicing this new challenge.

My relationship with Ibiza now is. 

Ibiza has always been my home, since I arrived here on the winter of 2011. It still feels like my home, even if life feels different. She provides, helps me grow and supports me in many ways, so I do my best to support her too.

Now restrictions are lifting the first thing I dream of doing is. 

Dancing all night long to amazing electronic music until the sun rises and seeing all the happy smiles when we all forget about the difficult times.

For those not yet able to visit Ibiza one thing I would like to say to you is.

Ibiza is as beautiful as always and will be here to welcome you when you are ready, to receive you with open arms.

A “normal” Island adventure for me now looks like

Going for walks in nature and foraging wild plants.

My favourite moment of the day/season

My favourite season is summer, and my favourite moment is when the sun is high and I can be at the beach enjoying the island life.

Something about the island you can’t read in the guidebooks but need to know

Ibiza is full of magic, she is like an amplifier, where your thoughts and actions have immediate repercussions in your life, where you can use this power to grow and learn…. Or she will show you the hard way. Be good and she will receive you with all her grace, be sloppy in your living and she will put you back in your place. 

I love to eat 

A veggie bocadillo on a beach with my feet in the sea

I love to drink

Super detox juice at Passion in Santa Eulalia

I love to swim 

Right after sunset in the summer, especially with Es Vedra at Cala d’hort

I love to dance/play

I love to dance in Cocoon at Amnesia by night and in Woomoon at Cova Santa by day

My favourite island hang out is


My Island playlist sounds like

A bit of techno for some energy, some mystical and magical sounds, a bit of classical in the mornings and some of my all-time favourites to never forget the good times.

My favourite Island memories are
In 10 years you can imagine I have so many island memories! But always the best days are the ones that are simple, by the sea or around good music, with my loved ones that come from all over the world.

Don’t leave the island without

The best memories of your life and an Island Witch Crafts smudge bundle, of course!

I’m whispering this island secret to you…

Get lost, surrender to the island flow… and you’ll find more than you were looking for.




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