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ISLAND INTERIORS: Inside the Island – Candles

This year saw the rise of the candle as this years’ interiors instagram star eclipsing expensive colour coordinated beauty products in open cabinets and travel photos.

More than just a selfie-starved influencer, the candle offered us much needed solace and calm.  WFH during during the pandemic meant navigating new challenges of chaos and uncertainty.  The flicker of light and the smell of sea salt in the summer became my new office colleague and allowed me to be transported to destinations that my nomadic soul gasped for like essential Prana.

Whilst recycling burnt out candle holders became an obsession for many with plants and make up brushes all finding new homes in decadently glorious Diptyque jars.

Now the seasons are transitioning to chillier climes, the snap, crackle and pop of a wooden three-wick candle is pure hygge.

And when laughter is the required medicine to elevate our mood then we love a candle with a message, like these devilishly humorous ones from the 1love2hugs3kisses store in Ibiza. Who says you cant be spiritual and not give a f*ck.

We also love these candles from Boy Smells.

If you are going to light up then consider soy candles like these, Soy Ibiza ones. They are so much kinder to your lungs and the environment and now is the time to celebrate the small and beautiful businesses that make our island the individual paradise that it is.

And sometimes a thick white Church candle sitting on top of an emerald green tall candlestick is pure simplicity. We love all the pops of refreshing citrus featured throughout Can Fara, a vast six bedroom villas developed to meticulous standards, cocooned in the countryside. Positioned between the go-slow village of Saint Miguel and the calm cerulean waters of Puerto de San Miguel, with under floor heating and big cosy fires what better winter retreat to slip into Island life than here.

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