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ISLAND TRAVEL: Horizons of the human kind

Keeping the travel spirt within us.

This morning I opened up piles of ignored, unopened bills that had been tossed to the side with Urgent written on them. In celebration of finally having the courage to open them I sang/ decimated Bill Withers uplifting anthem, Lovely Day. Then at approx. 3.30pm I started crying. I knew those tears were somewhere in me and all it took was sitting down to write this piece on our future and hope. Travel has been restricted for so long and we are already entering Spring, which traditionally is full of new beginnings and hope. Yet I don’t always feel the Spring. There are up days and there are down days. Since moving to her new home literally on the beach, I beg Alicia (Aka The Lady That Lives By The Sea) for daily photos and today magically tuning into what I needed she sent me in that exact moment without any prompt, an image of her on the windy, toffee wet sand and it instantly made me feel less alone. That’s the thing with pandemics, the isolation threatens to swallow you up and so human contact albeit it via a screen is an instant elixir, an escape a dream that we can step into. If we can feel it then surely we can create it. There is a delicious connection between us all in The Island Villas tribe, we lift each other up, send silly sometimes rude photos and excuse each other when we don’t always meet deadlines or meetings.

This kindness is not new but I feel it more, like I feel everything more now.

So deep breath and let’s keep moving even if in circles because even circles can complete us. We will keep bringing you more inside photos from our beloved Island, keeping you close to our hearts. We will travel again and soon, so reach out today to our team and let us help you and your family visualize and step into your dream Ibiza holiday.

We also have some dreamy villas for sale, so the Island can become your permanent home and you get to live your life truly and in every single moment. Suddenly the mundane becomes magical.

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COVID-19 travel restrictions – how does this affect your booking with The Island Villas.

We understand how difficult these times are for our fellow Islander lovers.  Flying to Ibiza has been met with many challenges and we don’t want these to halt any of your dreams so please know that we operate a refund/reschedule policy. For further details and T&C please contact us directly.

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