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ISLAND INTERIORS: 2021 colour trends

Sunshine state of mind

Here at Island Villas we are all feeling deeply into our affirmations.

2021 you are going to be kind and hopeful.

Keeping our pace slow and intentional with smiles, laughter and those oh so brave tears that sometimes fall just because. We wholeheartedly embrace you 2021.

Homebound and happy

Many of us we are still finding ourselves home bound and with nowhere to run to, why not change it up a little with colour. Different colours are known to affect our mood and we all know that January and February can feel a little heavy. Playing with colour, be it a lick of paint or a piece of home ware in alternative hues is sometimes all it takes to change perspective. Whilst we don’t believe in trends for the sake of trends, here is our rundown of the colours we think are going to be everywhere. Look online to Etsy and Ebay as well as rummaging (rules allowing) in your local vintage or charity shops for vases, fabrics and fun pieces. Maybe even organise an online zoom swap party with friends for more conscious consumption.

Refresh and Renew: 2021 colour trends
Illuminating Yellow

This year Pantone have chosen two colours that sit at the opposite end of the spectrum as their colours of  2021 but work in perfect harmony, with balance being an optimum factor for a more at ease life.  Pantone 17-5105 Ultimate Grey and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating, not only work with each other but a whole kaleidoscope of other colours. Yellow represents warmth and a sunny optimism after the bleakness of last year whilst grey is reassuring and solid, it is reminiscent of unshakable foundations. Like pebbles on a beach weathered by the elements but still standing, the colour symbolises resilience in the face of unknown adversities.


Ultimate Grey

Whilst many of us are familiar with shades of grey, adding a pop of unexpected yellow is a fun way of incorporating a piece of sunshine in our homes.

Other colours we adore and will make a welcome dance into our lives according to The Trend Bible (there is a science as well as a heavy dose of instinct from these forecastors) are shades of green, blue, terracotta and lilac.

The exact Pantone colours for anyone lusting after this info are below:

Pantone 2021 _ Illuminating and Ultimate Gray _ Interior Design _ Trend Colors 2021
Dusky Orchid

Pantone 17-1610 TCX

This shade promotes solace and calm. In nature this shade can be seen in the lavender that are everywhere on the island!

Frosty Green

Pantone 15-5706 TCX

With our raised consciousness of living a more plant friendly and sustainable life, shades of green are synonymous with nature.

Palace Blue

18-4043 TCX

Our kind of blue. With many of us working from home, the technological challenges of setting up an office with you in a new role as IT manager has bought a blending of digital realms into our lives.  Look out for hyper futuristic blue in metallic finishes.


Pantone 16-1440 TCX

A favourite of the Island Villas team. We love this rich earthy shade as its reminds us of the sun baked earth of the Island. A view we get to see every day out of our offices. At night we want to wrap up in its seductive embrace with these lush linens from Los Enamorados.

Shale Green

Pantone 16-6116 TCX

Contemplating what kind of future our children will have, this soft misty green reflects a modest, conscious and environmentally friendly reflection.

Easter Egg

Pantone 16-3925 TCX

So many of our kids have bravely missed out on outside play with their pals due to restrictions. Hop, skip and jump into the future with endless play!

Fantasy and escapist themes in ice cream palettes of chalky purple and blue are what this tone thankfully is all about.

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