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Sea themed Christmas decorations that pay homage to our vibrant Island

Do you ever forget as a child, your first ever sublime submission into the sea? While those memories may play out like an old film reel, dreamy and hazy with a belly full of giggles, the lip smacking sweet and salty taste of sea water tickling your skin never does.

These are the moments you want your children and loved ones to experience for themselves. The innocence of exploration and discovery stays deep in our souls. And as Islanders we know the urgent desire to protect Ibiza so we can all give the gift of a cleaner, safer Planet for all, one that sings with a pulsating eco system for our children, loved ones and future generations.

Island SOS

With an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic finding its murky way into our oceans, its essential we all take steps to prevent this such as recycling single use plastic, getting wiser with our consumer choices and here in Ibiza we can all partake in beach clean up days. We would also like to put a spotlight on the incredible work that ibi Foundation is doing with their intense solar powered ocean clean up boat.


Our hero David Attenborough and the collective power of us all.

This Christmas we will be snuggling up and learning more about our planet.

No one can document the natural world quite like our beloved hero David Attenborough. In his documentary for Netflix, A Life On Our Planet, Attenborough reflects on the “devastating changes he has witnessed during his career, “The living world is a unique and spectacular marvel yet the way we humans live on Earth is sending it into a decline. “ However, there is hope, “We need to learn how to work with nature rather than against it – and I’m going to tell you how.” And hope and inspiration from Mr. Attenborough is just the miracle we all dream of this Christmas.


Bringing the ocean into our homes – the cool and the kitsch

Taking inspiration and paying homage to all things sea life themed, we have found some gorgeous hanging Christmas tree decorations for you as well as home ware, jewelry and a very cool Shell shaped vintage handbag.

Foraging on the beach   

Whilst these shop bought Christmas decorations are a delight, why not take your little ones foraging for seashells on the beach? If you don’t live close to a beach most garden centers sell bags of shells. Decorate wreaths, pile on the eco glitter for hanging decorations, use to embellish gifts or simply pile high for beachy table vibes. Easy and fun to do, it’s a wonderful way of bringing nature.

Learning from an Octopus

This Christmas tune into the captivating Netflix, documentary, My Octopus Teacher. Hard to put into words, this is essentially the real life story a man that creates an emotional bond with an octopus who teaches him just how to live again.

After the year we have all had disconnected from our loved ones, learning to live again is just the lesson we might all need a little of.

May there be peace, joy and love for us all.

Love from The Island Villas team xxx

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