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ISLAND LIFE: Walking Ibiza – The healing power of walking

“The hardest walk is walking alone but it is also the walk that makes you the strongest.”

Those moments where crazy ideas light up the whole of your being are actually real moments of enlightenment according to the law of attraction and a course in miracles.Even if you don’t believe in all that woo woo–the greatest ideas, inventions and enterprises have been borne from the most surprising of times.

The walk of all walks!

But how many of us actually follow through? Thankfully the desire to act upon such a flash of inspiration was too heady for Toby Clarke and in 2010, he set off with the cheerleading support of his gorgeously wonderful wife Belinda to trek around the coastline ofIbiza. With only €1 in his pocket and his puppy Cosmo for company, Toby’s faith that the Universe would provide was about  to be tested and of course it was delivered many times over. Ibiza is an island drunk on natural beauty, its rugged coastlines have hidden secrets from centuries of marauding invaders and the ever-present ocean unfurls its majesty before you. Here the light is mythical, kissing the cerulean waters and sending tiny splatters of diamond like kisses all over the island.After 12 days of unmarked territory, dark moments opened up by the light of kindness from strangers,Toby made it through. Tales of his spirited journey travelled and soon he was leading groups of friends around Ibiza for monthly walks, which soon developed into weekly walks, which then eventually blossomed into Walking Ibiza.

Choosing from different walking experiences

Now, Toby has a team of highly qualified walking instructors who are just as passionate about sharing the Islands fantastical treasures. You can choose from a plethora of different walks; sunset kayaking, full moon walks, exploring caves and tunnels and family walks. Whilst some of these may feel more like hikes and have varying levels of fitness, the main ethos is that they are accessible. Warm and easy to talk to, any of the team is always on hand to discuss and support you through the experiences.


Celebrate 10 years of Walking Ibiza!Let the island embrace your desires

This weekend marks the 10th Anniversary of Walking Ibiza. As part of the celebrations and in accordance with the latest guidance and COVID regulations, there will be 10 very special walks taking place over two days(SaturdayOctober 9th and Sunday October 10th).You can select from five different walks a day and the group will be kept to an intimate number of 10 people.Finding Nirvana whilst walking around the island requires nourishment and no celebration is complete without soul food(chocolate brownie with pumpkin cream anyone?), so after there is an opportunity to come together for a special lunch served at a hush hush secret location.


For lunch booking details and further information, please check out

+34 608 692 901




So whether it’s an invigorating heart pumping walk on the wild side or a gentle grounding meditative journey, we trust the Island will wrap you up in its always loving embrace and give you exactly what you desire.

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