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LOVERS ROCK – A love letter from Gautam Kalra

Lovers Rock - love letters from our friends that love to visit the island

Gautam Kalra is melt in the mouth delicious; funny, warm, embracing and not at all judgmental of me when I drive my car the wrong way into the car park at Sunset Ashram where we meet. I dance in my excited head at meeting him. Stylist at Lakme Fashion week and collaborator with some of the greats of the photographic, design, art and fashion world as well as to sports and film personalities. His wildly imaginative and fearless visions have seeped via the great billboards to the streets and into the psyche of the world’s biggest democracy.

A profound impact bearing in mind the current conservative atmosphere.

He may be oblivious to his fashion royalty status but I am not. I try to play it cool. With skin that literally glows as if he has been drinking turmeric infused milk from the Gods, I tell him he looks fresh. This is a problem for him.

“I haven’t slept in days and nobody believes me! I don’t look tired. Look look!” Exasperated he points to his eyes.  Erm they are sparkling. I don’t stare too long as mine are smeared in mascara and I think half a fly.

What’s the secret I ask? What he whispers to me is not details of a product that can be bought. Gautam Kalra is naughty and I instantly want to be his BFF.  Yep, this man is as free spirted as they come. He is an Islander.

My Island adventure starts when…

I have that need to escape city life and the pressure to perform; essentially when I’m done. That’s when the calling to Ibiza begins.

My “in love with Ibiza moment” was….

The morning after the night before DC10. My partner in crime Tenzin, her boyfriend Tom and I held an impromptu fashion shoot and catwalk show back at our villa. The three of us could not stop giggling; remembering the colourful characters we had met the night before. It was then that I knew Ibiza would always be in my heart, my new home.

I love to eat and sip on…

Alcohols not my thing so it has to be a fresh juice and seafood.

North/East/South/West the part of the Island I love the best…

Ibiza Town has a cool vibe and I love the sunsets in the West.

(As if by magic, the sun starts to dips at this point)

My Island playlist sounds like…

For me music is essential and Ibiza plays music like nowhere else in the world. I’m a nomad so I associate tracks with my adventures and friends around the world. It’s all about setting the mood, a bit like dressing up!

DJ’s such as Sebastian Gamboa and his nights at Lio and Pacha as well as Dixon at DC10.

I also love the chill out for when I need to take it down a notch!

My Island hang outs are…

Sunset Ashram for the pure Ibiza vibe and incredible sunsets, Play de la Virgin for its seclusion, Salinas and La Trinxa on the rocks of course. El Chiringuito, Es Cavalet.  Dado bar, Ibiza, for raucous fun. Amnesia  where I can dance all night. Dancing is my favourite thing.  Formentera to escape the escape.

My Island essentials are…

My sequinned shoes! Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, Swim shorts, one of my many wacky watches. I’m currently wearing a GPS watch and have no intention of using it for deep sea diving; I just love the futuristic design!

My Island fashion staple is…

My fashion staple is one of my custom made Kurtas. I’m known for them and am very lucky as many of my designer friends such as Manish Arora or Rohit Ghandi, create the most beautiful, crazy designs for me.  I rock them with ripped jeans or trousers. I guess, I have a bit of a Bohemian yet edgy style and love to mix the Western and Indian aesthetics up.

I always return to…

On the rocks at Cale Conte (said with a cheeky wink)

Es Vedra and that spot on the way to Atlantis.

At night I dream of…

I don’t sleep at night in Ibiza.

My favourite Island memories are of…

Always the people!

Why Ibiza…

We almost didn’t get to experience Ibiza!

Whilst gallivanting in Madrid with my partner in crime and BF Tenzin, we were told to contact a friend of friends in Ibiza. Hesitating, I made the call and it turned out to be a call that changed both our lives forever. The contact, now a dear friend, picked us up from the airport and from then on we were treated like V.I.P.S. We went to the best parties, experienced the beauty of the island and met incredible people with great energy. It’s as if Ibiza wraps its arms around you and makes you drop whatever shit you had going on. On day two, Tenzin met an incredible man called Tom, fell in love and eventually moved here.

Ibiza for me is where my best friend now lives and where I can rock out in the sunshine, be crazy, free and be me.

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