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jimmy nelson Homage to Humanity exhibition atzaro ibiza


'Homage to Humanity' Jimmy Nelson exhibition at Atzaro Hotel
The power of human connection

Last night we were moved and reminded of how much human connection keeps us alive, not just physiologically but deep in our souls, no matter who we are and where we are from.

It was the opening night of the exhibition, Homage to Humanity, hosted at Atzaro by acclaimed photographer, Jimmy Nelson, known for his incredibly alluring portraits of peoples from remote parts of the globe. Nelson is out there, raw and beautifully real. He kicked of the evening with a hypnotic speech –verging on performance art – sharing some of his own personal struggles for self-love and belonging. At the age of 16, he lost his hair and suffered a sense of self-loathing that often accompanies childhood abuse. He ran away to Tibet to reconnect with himself and find sense amongst the darkness and pain.  This would be the beginning of a very profound and personal journey documenting the fragile relationship between man and nature in the face of rapid globalization. It would ultimately highlight the world’s cultural diversity at its very proudest and best through the powerful medium of photography. By humbling himself and allowing his vulnerability to be exposed, Nelson found acceptance within the myriad different tribes and communities from countries such as Chad, French Polynesia, Bhutan, China, Mongolia, Tanzania and India amongst others.

His latest book is an immersive one that utilises digital technology so readers can immerse themselves in the landscape and hear conversations between Jimmy and the people he has photographed.

As the evening took on a seductive dusky glow, a feeling of oneness filled the air. Some may say it was the bubbles but we believe it was the perfect alchemy between Nelsons tales, his portraits and the islands’ energy bringing us all a little closer to each other and maybe even ourselves.

jimmy nelson Homage to Humanity exhibition atzaro ibiza
jimmy nelson Homage to Humanity exhibition atzaro ibiza
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