Ibiza is unlike anywhere you have ever been or ever will.

Discovered by the Phoenicians in 654 BC, it has endured invasions by the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Catalans all seeking to plunder its rich and fertile soil. Yet its soul remains unconquerable. A magical Island with a wild spirt, it has provided a haven for the libertines, poets, artists and hippies of the 1960s who first visted the shores in search of a more Bohemian life.

Whilst the 1980s encouraged a new tribe, the lovers of music, dance and freedom, the Clubbers.


Like most, we came to Ibiza in search of a new life and seduced by its kaleidoscope of cultural diversity, breath taking sunsets, fun and liberty, we stayed and made the island our permanent home.

Ours is the Ibiza not easily found on Google and we are passionate about sharing it with you; we believe you too are a seeker of the extraordinary, just like us.

So move away from the madding crowds and let us be your on Island guide, taking you on an intimate journey beyond your dreams around this gloriously beautiful rock.


Our founders have lived on the Island for over thirty years and built up a trusted base of contacts AKA our Ibiza family and friends, everyone from villa owners, private chefs, the maître d of high end restaurants to the owners of family run locals only spots.

Our team of music loving aficionados delivers you to the best club nights as well as whisper about the villa party deep in the heart of the campo. Leave your GPS behind as we help you uncover secret beaches and hidden coves leading you to explore the best nature trails by foot, bike or car.

Look beyond the rugged coastline and into the surrounding sea, which is alive with its own vibrant ecosystem, provided by the dense prairies of the oceanic Posidonia (Sea grass).


 Back on land and we have villas that we know and love in every part of the island, some with their own private beaches, others in gated areas, some are nestled in amongst the pines but all provide the perfect sanctuary for those seeking privacy whilst still remaining connected to the natural beauty and fun sprit of the island.

Every single villa is unique, and has a story, just as you have your own set of requirements for your time here. Our mission is to connect you to the perfect home and help curate the magical moments that you will remember forever.

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