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Reemerging softly, surely and seductively from the shadows of its brash touristic teenage self, the breathtakingly beautiful island of Mallorca has blossomed into a sophisticated well, rounded and conscious global citizen, aligned with a wave of like-minded creatives and those brave enough to seek a life unfiltered, unconventional and lusciously slow. 

A sublime and dazzling landscape alive with the island’s rich and diverse though complex cultural heritage and geology unfurl all around, from the UNESCO-awarded majestic Serra de Tramuntana to the fifty shades of green countryside that offer a discreet sanctuary to sumptuous villas and ancient monuments. 

Heart-pounding peachy bottom sunsets kiss the endless samphire oceans and are just a tiny slice of why Mallorca will steal your heart. Mallorca has always attracted quirky, unconventional and brilliant folk to its shores. Artists, poets and novelists such as Robert Graves, Anais Nin,  Frederick Chopin and “Journey To The Centre of the Earth” by French author Jules Verne who was hugely inspired by the vortex of mysterious underground caves.

Today with sustainability, a love for all things from the earth, organic farm-to-fork cuisines, local wines, gastronomy, an emphasis on the artisanal and a touch of the avant-garde, there is a fresh wave of curiosity and wonder that fuels the air. It’s intoxicating, and we can’t wait to share our exclusive collection of villas just for you.

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