ISLAND INTERIORS: Palms, Parrots and Pineapples

Shining a light on island dwellers and island lovers past and present.

From the mellow yellows of sunrise to the dancing flamingo pinks of sunset, the light on the island is mesmerising. It’s in the moments after sunset, that I love the most. The sky is my kind of blue, brooding and sultry; the air heavy with anticipation of the night ahead. No wonder then, that is has attracted photographers, hungry to capture its mystical magic, often using it and the island’s landscape as a dramatic backdrop.

One such photographer and an Island Villas favourite, is the late great Richard Avedon (1923-2004). A pioneer in terms of subject and mood, American born, Avedon created a more complex story in each shot. He wanted to capture more than just a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress. His ability to uncover the soul of the subject and convey a certain atmosphere made him a great reportage photographer and he shot an array of prolific figures such as Dr Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marilyn Monroe as well as musical legends, Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

Below are a series of photographs he took of Spanish model, Naty Abascal and her sister Ana-Marie Abascal for a 23-page editorial in Harpers Bazaar, ‘The Iberians (Blaze of Spain)’. Shot on our beloved Ibiza in 1964 as well as in Barcelona, these are a great inspiration to us at The Island Villas. We love to imagine the conversations and tales surrounding the shots. After all, what’s really in a picture?

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